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7th Church of Christ, Scientist Casavant, 1980 E-p/Digital II-13
Advent Lutheran Moller, 1974 E-p II-10
All Saints Catholic (Heights) Wicks, 1970 Direct Elec. II-2
Annunciation Catholic Henry Pilcher’s Sons, 1924 E-p III-23
Ascension Episcopal Gress-Miles, 1983 Direct Elec. II-24
Bellaire United Methodist Moller, 1963 E-p III-33
Bering Memorial United Methodist Pilcher, 1928; Jernigan, 1995 Elec. Valve II-37
Bethany Christian Ballard, 1992 E-p III-71
Bethany United Methodist Aeolian Skinner, 1954/1972 E-p III-43
Bethel Church UCC Price, 1982 Mechanical II-23
Calvary Episcopal (Richmond) Aeolian Skinner, 1954/1973 E-p II-30
Cedar Bayou/Grace United Methodist (Baytown) Noack, 1975 Mechanical II-33
Chapelwood United Methodist Moller, 1970 E-p IV-65
ChristChurch Presbyterian Janke, 1982 Mechanical II-20
Christ Church Cathedral (nave) Aeolian Skinner, 1938; Schantz 1991
Antiphonal organ; renovations 2012
E-p IV-92
Christ Church Cathedral (chapel) Aeolian Skinner, 1938 E-p II-3
Christ the King Episcopal (Atascocita) Pilcher, 1920/26; Sanders, 2009 E-p II-20
Christ the King Lutheran (nave) Noack, 1995 Mechanical II-35
Christ the King Lutheran (portative) Taylor & Boody, 2007 Mechanical I-5
Christ United Methodist (Sugar Land) Schantz, 2003 E-p III-44
Church of the Redeemer Gress-Miles, 1976 Elec. Valve III-47
Clear Lake Presbyterian Casavant, 1982 E-p II-20
Clear Lake United Methodist Moller/Garland, 1988/2012 E-p III-52
Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart (new church) Pasi, 2010 Mechanical IV-106
Co-Cathedral of the SacredHeart (old church) Pilcher, 1920s E-p III-12
Congregation Beth Israel Pilcher, 1927 E-p IV-40
Congregation Emanu-El Aeolian Skinner, 1966 E-p II-21
Covenant Church Hook&Hastings/Rule, 1893/2000 Mechanical II-9
Cypress Creek Christian (Spring) (Forum) Visser-Rowland, 1984 Mechanical II-15
Emerson Unitarian Universalist Moller, 1975 E-p II-18
Epiphany Episcopal Noack, 1983 Mechanical II-24
Faith Lutheran Visser-Rowland, 1981 Mechanical III-37
First Baptist (Galveston)      
First Christian Johannus Rembrandt Electric II-17
First Congregational Reuter, 1994 E-p II-19
First Evangelical Lutheran Pasi, 2013 Mechanical II-17
First Evangelical Lutheran Gallery (Galveston) Freiburger, 1973 Mechanical III-41
First Evangelical Lutheran Chancel (Galveston) Pilcher 1926 /A. E. Schlueter 2014 E-p III-25
First Presbyterian (Galveston) Hook & Hastings, 1896/A.E. Schlueter, 2015 E-p III-54
First Presbyterian (Houston) (church) Aeolian Skinner/ Schoenstein, 1949/1993 E-p III-72
First Presbyterian (Houston) (chapel) Aeolian Skinner/ Schoenstein, 1933/1993 E-p II-11
First Presbyterian (Kingwood) Redman, 1999 E-p III-71
First Presbyterian (Pasadena) Reuter – Price & Son II
First United Methodist (Conroe) Moller; Jernigan 2003 E-p III-30
First United Methodist (Houston) Aeolian Skinner, 1967 E-p IV-100+
First United Methodist (Katy) Casavant, 1982 E-p II-23
First United Methodist (Pasadena) Aeolian Skinner, 1967; Jernigan, 1986 E-p III-24
First United Methodist (Sugar Land) Reuter/Allen, 2004 E-p III-45 with 87 digital ranks
First Unitarian Universalist Fort/Visser/Redman 1960s/1975, 2003 E-p II-38
Foundry United Methodist Wolff, 2001 Mechanical III-62
Glen Douglas Residence Douglas, 1976-2012 E-p IV-110 with 75 digital ranks
Gloria Dei Lutheran (chapel) Schlicker, 1986 Mechanical II-28
Grace Presbyterian Schantz, 1984 E-p IV-77
Grace Presbyterian (chapel) Kimball/Moeller, 1903/1981 E-p III-25<
Hosanna Lutheran Rieger, 1995 Mechanical I-11
Houston Baptist University, Belin Chapel Letourneau, 2009 E-p III-58
Houston Baptist University, practice instrument Schlicker, 1970s Mechanical III-7/II-7
Houston Community College Central Campus Wurlitzer, 1929/1997 Digital with pipes 16 ranks of pipes
Incarnate Word Convent Moller, 1962 E-p II-8
Kinsmen Lutheran Schlicker, 1984 Mechanical II-26
Living Word Lutheran (The Woodlands) Rodgers/Ruffati/Visser, 1997/2001/2009 Electric III-5 with 60 digitalranks
Lord of Life Lutheran Austin, 1948 E-p II-9
Mary Horne Residence Pilcher/Visser, 1939/1982 E-p II-3 1/2
Memorial Baptist (Baytown) Schantz, 1982 E-p III-41
Memorial Dr. Lutheran Moller, 1962 E-p II-10
Memorial Dr. United Methodist Visser-Rowland, 1977/2007 E-p III-65
Memorial Dr. Presbyterian (church) Schantz, 2002 Casavant, 1972 gallery E-p III-60 III-46
Memorial Dr. Presbyterian (chapel) Austin, 1994 E-p II-13
Memorial Lutheran Reuter, 1972 E-p II-33
Memorial Lutheran (Katy) Moller, 1970s E-p II-14
Methodist Hospital Kilgen, 1952; Jernigan, 1999 Elec. Valve II-8
Moody United Methodist (Galveston) Schantz, 1997 E-p IV-117
Mount Olive Lutheran Bedient, 1987 Mechanical II-7
New Hope Lutheran (Missouri City) Parsons, 2007 Electric slider II-24
Northwoods Presbyterian Gress Miles, 1981 Direct valve II-15
Orin Nelson Residence Fort, 2009 E-p II-10
Our Lady of Walsingham Werner Bosch/Redman, 1969/2003 Mechanical II-24
Our Savior Lutheran Rodgers Hybrid IV-10 pipe ranks, 60 digital ranks
Palmer Memorial Episcopal (nave) Fisk, 1991 Mechanical III-51
Palmer Memorial Episcopal (portative) Visser-Rowland, 1984 Mechanical I-4
Pieter Visser Residence Visser-Rowland, 1983 Mechanical II-6
Pilgrim Lutheran Visser-Rowland, 1975 Mechanical III-28
Rice University (chapel) Andover 1958-59/C.B. Fisk 2012 E-p II-23
Rice University (organ hall) Fisk-Rosales, 1996 Mechanical III-84
Rice University (practice instrument) Fisk-Schreiner, 1999 Mechanical III-5
Salem Lutheran (Tomball) Zimmer, 2000s E-p IV
Second Baptist (church) Rodgers Pipe, 1987 E-p V-194
Second Baptist – Old Sanctuary Casavant, 1955 E-p IV-50
Second Baptist (chapel) Visser Rowland 1981 Mechanical III-11
Settegast-Kopf Funerals (Sugar Land) Wicks 1956; Jernign 1992 Direct Electric II-12
South Main Baptist (church) Nichols and Simpson, 2016 Electric Action IV-85
South Main Baptist Church – Pasadena Wicks, 1975/Jernigan, 1993 E-p II-25
St. Andrew’s Episcopal Pilcher/St. Dunstan-Art Organ Works 1908/2003 Electro-mechanical II-13
St. Anne Catholic Visser-Rowland/Allen, 1980/2010 MechanicalDirect III-50 with 100 digital ranks
St. Barnabus Episcopal Spiker, 1980 Mechanical II-9
St. Cecilia Catholic Visser-Rowland, 1976 Mechanical II-14
St. Christopher’s Catholic Visser-Rowland, 1974 Mechanical II-8
St. Dunstan’s Episcopal Rodgers Hybrid III-10
St. Helen’s Catholic (Pearland) Wicks/Kilgen/Paul Jernigan, 2004 Direct valve II-19
St. John the Divine Episcopal (nave) Letourneau, 2005 Electric slider & E-p V-143
St. John the Divine Episcopal (chapel) Wicks, 1962 E-p II-21
St. John Vianney Catholic Visser-Rowland, 1983 Mechanical III-34
St. Luke the Evangelist Catholic Ruben Frels, Direct Valve II-8
St. Luke’s United Methodist (church) Schantz, 2001 E-p IV-77
St. Luke’s United Methodist (chapel) Schantz, 2002 E-p II-11
St. Mark’s Lutheran Fauser; Babb rebuilt, 1997 with Schantz console E-p II-3
St. Mark’s United Methodist Moller, 1940 E-p II-21
St. Martin’s Episcopal (nave) Schoenstein, 2004 E-p IV-80
St. Martin’s Episcopal (chapel) Moeller, 1958 E-p III-33
St. Martin’s Lutheran (SugarLand) Ross King, 1978 E-p II-15
St. Mary’s Cathedral Basilica (Galveston) Pilcher, 1926 Direct valve III-44
St. Mary’s Episcopal (Cypress) Hook & Hastings/Redman Mechanical II
St. Mary’s Catholic Seminary Pilcher, 1920s/Moller/Jernigan Direct valve II-18
St. Matthew Lutheran Allen/Pilcher/Schantz Electric IV-35 pipe ranks; 65 digital ranks
St. Matthew United Methodist Kilgen, 1928; Wicks, 1952; Jernigan/Sanders 2002 Elec. Valve Direct III-29
St. Michael’s Catholic Wicks, 1965 Electric III-44
St. Paul’s United Methodist (church) Schantz, 1981/1996/2004 E-p IV-80
St. Paul’s United Methodist (chapel) Oberlinger, 1990 Mechanical I-9
St. Philip Presbyterian Paul Fritts, 2010 Mechanical III-48
St. Philip the Apostle Catholic (Huffman) Moller, 1978 E-p II-7
St. Pius V Catholic (Pasadena) Visser-Rowland, 1978 Mechanical II-19
St. Stephen’s Episcopal Walker, 1985 Mechanical II-26
St. Stephen’s United Methodist Moller, 1962; Jernigan 2003 E-p & Direct valve II-14
St. Theresa Catholic (Memorial Park, Houston) Moller, 1963 E-p II-15
St. Theresa Catholic (Sugar Land) Aeolian Skinner 1941/Quimby, 2007 E-p III-48
St. Thomas Episcopal (Houston) Schoenstein, main 2002; antiphonal 2000 E-p III-36/II-6
St. Thomas Episcopal (Wharton) Jernigan/Sanders, 2009 Direct valve III-29, digital Harp/chimes
16 opens
St. Thomas More Catholic Wicks, 1970s; Visser, 2008 Direct electric III-15
St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Rieger, 1974 Mechanical III-54
Sunset United Methodist (Pasadena) Wicks, 1973 Direct electric II-13
Tallowood Baptist (church) Wicks, 2009; Schlueter 2014 Direct electric IV-94
Tallowood Baptist (chapel) Moller, 1970/1972 E-p III-63
Terrace United Methodist Estey/Kilgen, 1920’s; Schantz, 1962;
Jernigan, 1991
E-p, Electrical III-16
Trinity Episcopal (Houston) Pilcher, 1918/Schantz 2008 E-p III-26
Trinity Episcopal (Galveston) Austin, 1989 E-p III-69
Trinity Lutheran Holtkamp, 1954 E-p III-40
Trinity Lutheran (Klein) Ott, 1994/2008 Mechanical III-50
University of Houston (organhall) Beckerath, 1973 Mechanical III-49
University of Houston (practice instruments) Rieger Mechanical III-9
University of Houston (practice instruments) Hammer-Reuter, 1970 Mechanical II-5
University of Houston (practice instruments) Wicks, 1972 Direct electric II-2
University of Houston (AD Bruce Religion Center – chapel) Reuter, 1965 E-p III-33
University of Houston
(AD Bruce Religion Center – meditation room)
Reuter, 1967 E-p II-4
University of St. Thomas Chapel of St. Basil Schoenstein, 1996 Electric II-17
Villa de Matel Catholic Convent Visser-Rowland, 1979 Mechanical II-28
Webster Presbyterian Moller, 1977 E-p II-11
West University United Methodist Dan Garland, 2005 Electric III-35
Westbury Baptist Visser-Rowland, 1978/Allen E-p III-51
Westminster United Methodist Casavant, 1988 E-p III-41
Willow Meadows Baptist Pilcher, 1924; Babb, 1967 E-p III-30
Woodlands Church of Christ, Scientist
(organ formerly at 3rd Church C.S., Houston)
E. M. Skinner, 1930 E-p II-9
Zion Lutheran (Tomball) Moller, 1991 E-p II-17
Zion Lutheran LCMS Holtkamp, E-p